Metal Technologies' goal is to provide our customers with complete metal casting and value added solutions. Metal Technologies' Business Development Group (BDG), Product Engineering and Customer Service group work together to understand our customers' needs and develop an optimized solution throughout the supply chain.

Business Development

Metal Technologies' Business Development Group (BDG) encompasses our Marketing, Sales, and Engineering functions. As Metal Technologies' common point of contact, the BDG provides our customers with complete metal processing solutions. Whether your requirements include Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Aluminum castings, or finished components including machining, milling, broaching, drilling, assembly, heat treat and painting, the Business Development Group helps shape and coordinate high-quality products tailored to your needs.

Customer Service

Under the direction of Metal Technologies Corporate Quality, MTI also offers an on-site problem solving team. This experienced team makes routine personal visits to customer facilities to work directly with the users of our products. The team is equipped with the latest wireless technology allowing instant communication and prompt problem solving when required. The goal of this team is to offer potential solutions to customers before issues arise. This allows for smoother transitions from MTI process engineering/manufacturing and between customers engineering/manufacturing.