The Quality Management Systems at all our manufacturing sites are certified and registered. See each facilities page for more information on their certification. Each location shares in a common Quality Management System that provides standardization between locations in quality processes and procedures as well as strong supporting processes from our Corporate office.

Besides developing and maintaining the QMS our Quality group also provides on-site Customer Service to monitor the quality of our products and ensure direct communications between our customers and our manufacturing facilities.


Capabilities include complete sand system testing, chemical composition analysis through ARL spectrometer, LECO carbon/sulfur determinator and Data Cast Quicklab 2000, computerized CMM analysis Brinell hardness and Satec tensile testing, automatic microstructure analysis via Image Analysis software, MagmaSoft and Pro-Cast solidification and flow analysis, computerized process variable tracking system, computerized fully integrated product traceability and control systems, and photomicrograph.


Infrared iron temperature monitoring, Koins Expresspour laser controlled pouring system, patterns verified before each production run, continuous process checks and infrared thermal analysis to balance process parameters and achieve the highest possible quality.

Quality Policy

To see our complete quality policy, click here.