Product Engineering

At Metal Technologies, we take a unique approach to casting process design. We are firm believers in the Value Added/Value Engineered and Lowest Total Cost philosophies, and we work with our customers every day to eliminate waste and add value. It is important to us that we provide our customers the optimum casting for their product.

Our engineers understand their customer's end product and its function. They make frequent visits to the associated manufacturing facilities to understand exactly how the castings are machined or assembled and the resultant quality. Metal Technologies is fully and completely involved with our customer's design departments and production facilities. It is this high level of availability and commitment that puts us in the best position to offer real cost saving design solutions.

Advanced Technologies

Metal Technologies employs the latest technologies in Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3-D Modeling and computerized engineering tools. Our state of the art engineering capabilities allow us to quickly develop solutions that meet our customers' needs, while our utilization of solidification analysis software and rapid prototyping enables us to shorten the product development cycle and production lead times.

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