Metal Technologies currently provides the following automotive components.

AutomotiveBrake - Calipers, Caliper Brackets, Drums, Rotors, BIH Adapters, Booster Brackets, Aluminum Brakes

Chassis - Brackets, Knuckles

Driveline - Flanges, Yokes

Engine - Balance Shafts, Balance Shaft Housings, Bearing Caps, Brackets (Iron an Aluminum), and NVH Damper Hubs, Aluminum Pump Bodies, Aluminum Central Medial Covers, Rings

Steering - Housings, Pumps, Valves, Aluminum Rakes, Tie Rods, Yokes

Transmission - Brackets, Planetary Carriers, Pump Covers (Iron and Aluminum), Sprockets, Stators, Aluminum Interim and Confering Plates