Precision Gage


Metal Technologies Precision Gage (PG) specializes in CNC machining and the manufacture of tooling, fixtures, and gages.  The facility’s leading edge technology and dedication to innovation make it a leader in both quality manufacturing and customer satisfaction. With over 88,000 square feet in floor space, PG is able to supply products to the automotive and medical industries while also being readily adaptable to other customer needs, such as prototyping.

Facility Information

Capacity: 88,000 sq. ft.
Processes: CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Tooling & Gage Manufacturing
Fixture Manufacturing
Equipment: CNC Milling – sizes ranges up to 58” x 32” x 26”
CNC Turning – diameters up to 8” w/ some machines capable up to 16”
Quality: ISO 9001:2015

Industries Served

Automotive, Medical, Tooling & Gaging

Product Expertise

  • Machining of high volume automotive production to one off prototypes
  • Manually loaded to highly automated robotic machining cells performing secondary operations
  • Handheld go/no go type gages to complex fixture gages
  • Precision machining of medical component parts



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