Ravenna Ductile Iron

Metal Technologies Ravenna Ductile Iron (RDI) facility is a ductile iron foundry specializing in high volume and high requirement castings. Quality and production at this foundry are set up to meet casting requirements for safety and braking applications. RDI processes a significant portion of their products through automated trim cells or CNC grinders that help contribute to a safer work environment for our employees and maximum quality for our customers.

Facility Information

Capacity: 55,000 tons
Material: All standard grades of Ductile Iron including 100-70-03, 80-55-06, and 65-45-12
Melt: 3 Induction furnaces with 20 tons per hour capacity
Molding: One Disa 230-B molding line
One Disa 231-B molding line
Finishing: One 28 ft3 Tumble Blast
Two 34 ft3 Tumble Blasts
Four Automated Barinder CNC Grinding Units
One AFS High Capacity Flexible Fully Automated Trim & Inspection Cell
Two Neff Trim Processing Cells
Optical Brinell Tester
Sonic and Ultrasonic NDT Capability
Real Time X-Ray Unit
Quality: IATF 16949:2016
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

RDIPartsIndustries Served

Automotive, Heavy Trucks, Hydraulic, Rail, and Small Engine

Casting Type and Size

1 to 40 lbs. (.45 to 15.88 kg) High complexity cored and non-cored castings

Product Expertise

Brake Anchor Brackets and Calipers, Bearing Caps, Crankshafts, Damper Hubs, End Yokes, Engine/Transmission Support Brackets, Idler Arms, Knuckles, Pinion Flanges, and Rear Drum in Hat Adaptors



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