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Executive Summary

MTI is committed to being the leader in Sustainable Foundry and Machining operations in North America and the primary casting and machining resource for customers committed to driving their own sustainability initiatives forward.

Metal Technologies’ key values of Faith, Family, Spirit, Grit, Vision and Rigor are the backbone of its overall Sustainability Program.  The mission to become the most valuable iron casting and machining company in North America and the focus on God, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Communities and Shareholders require us to focus on our impact to the overall environment.  In its Sustainability Roadmap, MTI commits to strategic planning, goal development and resource allocation to reduce our carbon footprint and offer a carbon neutral product.  We recognize that a strong sense of environmental responsibility can play a key role in management success and improved efficiency. 
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MTI’s Place in Metal Casting and the Environment

Iron Foundries are one of the most recycling intensive industries.  A foundry’s carbon footprint is primarily dictated by its power usage, melting technology and operating efficiency.  Metal Technologies utilizes induction melting, the cleanest available, and achieves industry leading efficiencies in all of its operations.  MTI places an emphasis on strict compliance with all environmental and permitting requirements.  Due to our relationships with our utility providers, much of MTI’s facilities energy needs are powered by “Carbon Free” electricity.  Starting from an advantageous position, MTI can work with its customers to achieve environmental goals well ahead of the competition.

Why Environ? 

Each ton of Environ has the ability to keep up to 1,496 pounds of CO2 out of the atmosphere!  Complete the Request For Quote information below to see how Environ can help your company meet its carbon reduction goals.

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