Our Values

Metal Technologies brings passion and precision to create uncompromising metal casting solutions. Established and led by foundry professionals, our company is a family business built on a culture of excellence and the most stringent of processes. MTI seamlessly integrates as a true partner with our customers, adding value at every phase, from design to casting, to finish-machining and assembly. We are driven to create sustainable, long-term success, because what makes us unique is More than metal.


We honor God in everything we do. We work to serve a purpose greater than ourselves through honoring God. We are servant leaders and thankful for all He provides. We are grateful for His blessings in our daily lives. 


We are family. We are a family business. We treat each and every employee as a member of our MTI family. It drives our focus on safety above all else. Family also extends to our customers, suppliers, partners and communities. All valued relationships that we strive to develop at every level.


We can do this. We bring a spirited approach to every challenge and we recognize successes, but we never rest on our laurels. We are dynamic, adaptable and proactive - responding quickly when a customer needs us. We are disciplined problem-solvers who develop inspired, innovative solutions.


We enjoy getting our hands dirty. We have the work ethic to find a way where others have given up or failed to try. Our determination and perseverance gives us the confidence to succeed.


We create opportunity. We’re always looking for new possibilities. Our long-term, sustainable business model is based on product and process innovation. We are collaborative with our partners, finding new ways to add value in every phase of the process. We envision success and find innovative pathways to get there.


We focus on process. We set standards, then develop processes to exceed them. We build upon our successes and strive to become better with each day. Discipline and attention to detail are essential. We invest heavily in preparation and process controls to achieve mutual success in every endeavor.